Town Theater, Waukon

Town Theater, Waukon (03-00536).

The Hollywood in the Heartland project engages the public with Iowa's movie legacy through several heritage tourism activities designed to stimulate interest in this fascinating aspect of the state's history. The project is being completed in two successive phases:

  1. Conduct a statewide survey of historic movie theaters and to develop a Multiple Property Document (MPD) for this building type. This research information is being disseminated to the public through an interactive, web-based tour of Iowa's most significant movie theaters and other sites connected to the creation of motion pictures in the state.
  2. Develop public outreach opportunities to bring the results of the first phase of research to all corners of the state. This may include the creation of a traveling exhibit focusing on Iowa's movie theaters and the state's role in the creation of movies, a book-length publication, or a statewide conference focusing on the rehabilitation and adaptive use of historic movie theaters.

Get Involved

If you know of a movie theater that isn't included in the inventory results, please send us information on it! Simply download this abbreviated site form and send it in:

Movie Theater Form in MS Word format (128 KB)

Movie Theater Form in PDF format (72 KB)

To submit the form, either fill it out by hand or on the computer and attach photographic prints (color or black and white images are okay) and mail to the address at the bottom of the form; OR complete the form on your computer, insert digital images and return by email as an attachment to Please contact Paula Mohr at (515) 281-6826 if you have questions or need additional information.

Project Press

Read the project's press release online at the State Historical Society of Iowa's website.

Download Spot on SHPO from Preservation Iowa's Fall 2007 newsletter, The Iowa Preservationist (Vol. 17, No. 3).