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Iowa's Movie Theaters

The theaters in this online database are those found in the State Historic Preservation Office's Iowa Site Inventory. The Iowa Site Inventory contains over 120,000 Iowa properties, including historic, non-historic, and National Register-listed buildings, objects, structures, objects, sites, and districts.

Iowa's theaters are an important, yet disappearing, part of every Iowan's shared heritage. Although information for over 350 theaters is available here, this list is not all inclusive. Initial research for the statewide theater survey identified 472 Iowa theaters meriting field investigation, with 118 theaters lost to demolition.

Search our database to learn more about the theaters in your neighborhood. If you don't find the theater you're looking for, why not become a part of the project to preserve Iowa's theater heritage? Just go to our about page and download a site inventory form! Thank you.

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